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 The Arts Organizing Institute Program Dates:

July 2017 through April 2018

 The Arts Organizing Institute 2017/18 includes 80 hours of in-session time made up of Core Curriculum Sessions, Performance and Visual Arts tracks, and about 40 hours of time in Praxis Projects- artistic community engagement projects. There will be increased opportunity for Praxis engagement July through September as we engage with the Comprehensive City Plan 2040 of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Program Goals and Content:

This ten-month institute is dedicated to growing the number of artist organizers involved in community and city development work. Through a combination of artistic workshops, professional development trainings, peer-to-peer skill shares, and creative, community engagement projects, we will work on Lake Street’s art and culture corridor and explore what countering displacement could mean as we engage in Minneapolis’ comprehensive city planning process.


The Institute has three major curriculum pieces, with many opportunities for applying learning concepts through hands-on experience with other members of the cohort, community allies, and other aspects of Lake Street Art!’s work strategies.


Core Curriculum Sessions

Core Curriculum sessions are meant to provide the foundational basis for arts organizing. These are highly influenced by the Lake Street Arts! Principles and Agreements. They include subjects such as embodiment and healing justice, Indigenous protocol, systems change, evaluation, community organizing, community development, creative placemaking, effects of colonization and capitalism, and more.


Performance and Visual Arts Tracks

Through a series of twelve (12) 3-hour workshops, cohort participants will have a chance to explore

  • theater as a craft and an overview of performance history, production elements, opportunities to work on performance and direction craft.

  • more about making prints, weaving, mural-making, community arts and more.

 Artist Compensation:

Institute participants will receive:  

  • $1500 to participate,

  • 80 hours of participatory learning and critical thinking activities

  • a $500 organizing budget for a Praxis Project, which can be carried forth in collaboration with other Cohort participants,

  • opportunities for paid work through praxis projects: Home Performance, Praxis Mural, Lake Street Arts! at the Market, and more!

 Lead Contact:

Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz)



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